Admission Fee (First time only):

New Student: Rs 200/each 

Professional: Rs 500/each 

Kid (age 8-14) Rs100/each

Monthly Fee (for 2013):

Student: Rs 200/each 

Professional: Rs 350/each 

Kid (age 8-14): Rs100/each

Code of Conduct:

All club members will help with the mat, boundaries, nets, etc. before and after each practice and game. All club members will help to clean and maintain the ground. All club members are responsible for the maintenance of club equipment and gears. Club equipment, gears and ground may only be used for club activities which are open to all club members. Otherwise written permission is required from the executive committee.

Act professional on and off the field, with teammates, opponents, umpires, and everyone else. Support each other with positive comments and actions on the field regardless we are winning or losing as a team. It is your responsibility to inform the captains regarding your availability. If you haven't been contacted by the captains, you can call them. New members will not participate in practices or games until they have registered and paid all appropriate dues in full. Parents of juniors are responsible for transportation to and from practices and games. In case of violation of any rule or code of conduct ITCC holds the right to cancel any member’s membership without any notice. Any member of the club if found involved in any illegal activity ITCC holds the right to take legal actions if required. During practice sessions all the club members are advised to abide by the rules and should practice under the supervision of the chosen Net Captain. Anybody found arguing or disobeying with the Net Captain, ITCC will take disciplinary actions against him/her or he/she can be fined. Every club member is responsible for his/her safety during the practice session and games. ITCC will not be held responsible for any health injury during practice sessions and games. Every member is responsible for him/her transportation. Any member not appearing if called by the Captain and he/she have confirmed availability, ITCC holds the right to take action against him/her. No club member is allowed to bring stuff/weapons or anything relating to these which hold the potential threat for other club members, if a club member is found involved him/her will have to face disciplinary actions by the ITCC.

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